After a week of small rains, we had almost a half inch.  It was wonderful to breathe the wet air and see the hummingbirds soar through the falling rain.  We all got intoxicated on water.  Definitely our planet is going through big changes; I feel blessed to live in a rural area next to a mountain, where we have a beehive, garden patches, some fruit trees, and numerous wild creatures that come to our water basins ( and as well, try to eat the fruit and flowers!).  To plant a seed and see it grow is a thrilling thing;  not at all like the instant images that constantly flash on TV.  And the abundance within a seed!  Take for instance, a pumpkin:  it could have over a hundred seeds within itself, each one capable of growing a plant that might produce several pumpkins.  To see the stems of it reach and curl around fences, stalks, anything it can climb…so graceful, the twirling curves – they probably follow the sun each day.  If I didn’t have access to our place, I know I would plant something in a pot and find some sunshine for it, and over and over again, look with surprised joy at its unfolding.

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