Loving the Sea

Last, long lasting night, I called to it again, again, "please"
I wished on the first stars, saw Jupiter so large, and the sea,
high tide leaping, rushing, foam tossed, came close.  Joy of love swirling wave upon wave lifting, arcing up onto sloping sand, filling hollows, folds of rock, every crevice. Over it I gazed at Jupiter so far away and saw it make a path to me, straight, wide and true, of magic twinkling lights across the waves.  Be Here Now.  

I am here now, with it. All night I listened to it's breathing, a sighing rise and fall, breath of life, and in the morning, quiescence; seaweed drapes from wet stones into clear pools, its leaves translucent, gently swaying.  And the sea tide slowly comes rising in graceful curves again.


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